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Dr. Bruce D. Perry discovered that creative arts will promote healing in the limbic, cortical and midbrain, and will aid in the child developing into a productive member of society.

One of Julia's angels must have guided her, because from early childhood, Julia was playing the piano, which continued with formal studies into university classes. As she pursued her university plans, she moved into fine arts, and transferred the musical into the artistic - with a canvas, paints and brushes. Julia graduated with a fine arts degree and taught art for ten years. Julia later studied portraiture with Andrew Wyeth's brother and was also accepted into the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

As Julia was finishing her master's degree in behavioral science, her advisor noted her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and stated that an art therapy certification would be a natural direction for her to pursue. She did and now has a Post-Graduate Art Therapy certification.

During graduate school, Dr. Perry invited Julia to share her expertise and experience with the creative arts for his program with severely maltreated children at Texas Children's Hospital. Julia did art therapy, play therapy and Reiki Touch® Therapy with these children, who were from birth to six years of age. The program was so successful that some of the children were able to be adopted into families and enjoy a normal life.

Kids-U - University of Houston

Julia now incorporates art therapy into her university classes of behavioral science, which include child, adolescent, educational, adjustment, stress management, African American Issues and other psychology courses. She also teaches university summer programs for children experiencing stress. In addition, Julia offers stress management and art therapy seminars to parents and primary caregivers.

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