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Julia Carroll was born Judy Carol Brown in Shreveport, Louisiana six decades ago. She graduated from high school in south Louisiana and entered McNeese State College. One year later she transferred to a small, private Baptist college, Louisiana College (a sister to Baylor) and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Among other affiliations, Julia was a member of the Kappa Pi Scholastic Art Fraternity.

Within four days after graduation, Julia married her sweetheart and moved to Germany while he served his country during the Viet Nam war. Both Julia's brothers were in Viet Nam at the time. One, a Marine, dodging missiles in the mud and the other in his Navy whites on a ship in the Gulf of Tonkin. After returning to the states, Julia became a part time professor of fine arts and taught at Auburn University for three years. It was during this time her only child was born, and Julia continued to teach while her wonderful nanny sang sweet spirituals to Julia's newborn.

Julia divorced her husband and moved to Houston with her three-year-old daughter. Her strict Baptist family frowned on her divorce, so Julia joined the Catholic faith, obtained a teaching position and a place to educate her child. Her daughter and grandchildren are practicing Catholics now. Julia's search for tranquility brought her to an Indian Guru, Gurumayi® and Julia has spent over twenty years enjoying the serenity of meditation techniques learned in that system. Julia's spiritual affiliations also include Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church and Howard Caesar's Unity Church of Christianity. Growing up, Julia's mother was the church soloist, and for relaxation Julia enjoys pulling out a hymnbook and singing the old songs, tears streaming down her face as she remembers her mother's voice.

Julia enjoys the vibrant and beautiful city of Houston and keeps busy with her teaching and private practice.

View of Houston's skyline from Julia's home
View of Houston's skyline from Julia's home