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"This is the lady that takes care of all my problems!" Reiki Touch®
Connor, Age 9

"I love your work and what you do - you are generous and giving. I know because many who are close to me have benefited, loved your touch and your work, as much as I do. I was on the operating table, Julia, and I actually thought of you and remembered that you were aware of what was going on and had only found out minutes before. You cannot imagine the relief I felt at knowing that! Thanks, over and over." Reiki Touch®

"Julia's book is insightful and meaningful and should be available to the victims and to their parents. Her understanding and sensitive treatment of the damage done to young girls is important. This book should be in every library and her workshops and lectures would be useful in every organization to expedite the recovery of these crimes to children."
The Honorable Joanne King Herring

"Thank you for speaking to our group. We received so many positive comments afterwards."
T. Hendricks, President - Delta Kappa Gamma

"Thank you for your sweet poetic ways of expressing your heart, Julia. May you continue to bring massive amounts of light to many hearts and delight in the process."

"Best wishes as you continue to champion the cause of sexually abused children."
H. Maedgen, Principal - Klein School District

"I really liked the art therapy seminar. It literally felt like we were the students and it made us feel like what some of the children might experience when they come to class."
Public School Art Teacher Workshop

"I thought she was very good. It made me feel positive about myself and gave me confidence to be a better teacher."
Brazoria County Art Teachers

"I would recommend this workshop to school counselors."
Art Therapy Seminar Attendant